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The latest issue of Alimenti Funzionali is now available

The market of functional products continues to launch new products such as the so-called "life-saving cups" that stand for detoxing teas, or vegan drinks that support the normal muscle activity, the hipsnacks (literally) rich in chia’s omega3 or porridge of quinoa ... In the new issue we present a selection of natural functional foods.

In the new era of the weight management, through new formulations and natural extracts, we find old good habits to reassess, such as eating more dried fruits because it would seem to counteract the weight gain, or adjust the pace of meals according to the sleep cycle. And the Sheffield Hallam University, in Britain, warns: the hunger would be a psychological issue rather than related to the real amount of food ingested!



The interview. Davide Oldani and his great passions: cooking and sport.

Beauty: argan, a rare and precious oil.

The intestinal candidosis: the first cause of intolerances and allergies.

The myco-immuno nutrition, the microbiome and the health of the intestine.

Overtraining, this unknown.


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