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The latest issue of “Alimenti Funzionali” is now available

In the new issue of Alimenti Funzionali we present, with the usual scientific rigor, topics for functional nutrition and for our well-being.

Stefano Broccoli, vegan pastry chef, owner of Dolcevita in Bergamo (Italy), professor at the FunnyVeg Academy in Milan, shows how it is possible to prepare good desserts without milk, butter, and eggs.

Among the functional trends, we present mixtures of coffee and maca root, yogurt with probiotics or with pili nuts, flaked cereals flavored with bacon and cheese, oat flakes with beta-glucans, super smoothie, fish "salsicciotti" coated with milk chewing gum ... and new food from Dubai, such as the yuzu biogenetic water, camel milk with vitamin C, anti-aging collagen drinks ...

In the fitness special pages you will discover that medium-chain fatty acids are an excellent support for those who practice physical activity but also for general well-being, that the mind can be a block to performance, and the benefits of the group fitness.



- Beauty: defeat cellulite without operation.

- Esthechoc, the chocolate of beauty that slows down the signs of age.

- The company: PH Food.

- Recipes: 100% vegetable creams, naturally lactose- gluten- and cholesterol-free.


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