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The Summer Issue of  “Ingredienti Alimentari” is now available

In this issue, the experts deal with the issue of the national legislator rules on the consumer information and the food withdrawal/recall system and the its effectiveness evaluation.

We explain how the shapes, formats and contexts of food are now changing and, moreover, all about wheat flour, one of the most used ingredients in cooking and pastry.

In collaboration with Mintel gnpd, we present the most innovative international products, such as green tea chocolate cream, matcha or beetroot yogurt, rice and quinoa mix of rice and quinoa with high fiber content, margarine with no derivatives of milk…

About Ingredients, our summer "collection" is articulated between present and future. In fact, tomorrow's foods are already a reality and they could prove to be the ideal resource to meet the demand of a growing world population. Considering Novel Foods, insects as a proteins’ source and synthetic meat: between fascinating hypotheses and consumer changes, a real food safety consideration is essential. New trends in bakery foods is now emerging and "superfoods" are increasingly appreciated by Italians.

Finally, we review the latest applied research and market surveys, laws, news from the world and new books.


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