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The September Issue of “Alimenti Funzionali” is now available

The functional foods to eat or drink confirm what already in ancient Greece Hippocrates declared: food is a the cure.

In our magazine “Alimenti Funzionali” we present reviews of products, including unusual international proposals and products for the Italian market, in a full of “no-net contaminations” (as the title of our final feature).

It was during our last trip in Gulfood in Dubai that, among antioxidant mushrooms, golden milk of the ayurvedic tradition (with turmeric, black pepper, and honey!) and unicorn tears, we found a blister with coconut water, protein shakes, noni drinks (Indian mulberry), cleanse juice (cold-pressed vegetable juices and detoxifiers), chlorophyll that deflates and drains, collagen to drink ... in small pills!

We want to reassure you with the words of our scientific coordinator dr. Porretta, “Trust in the food scientists”. And review functional novelties such as embryo rice bud tea, turmeric rice that speeds up the metabolism, superfood cereals with banana and hemp proteins or with pumpkin and chia seeds, vegan honey, water with vitamin D, rosemary extract... and in Italy, protein milk, vegetal gastronomy, functional chewing gum, tortelli with exotic fillings, legumes’ flours for pizza ...

The usual company visit is dedicated to Pariani that focus on raw materials’ excellence and a scientific research of the processing methods.

In terms of beauty, we present modern nutricosmetics, supplements to eliminate excess fluids, special waters with autumn flavours, with added minerals or rich in oxygen, chocolate that is good for the skin ...



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