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The winter Issue of “Alimenti Funzionali” is now available

In this issue you can find a review about what the legislation now provides for the food products presentation.

We publish a special weight management feature with new products, such as dietetic and functional drinks, and the recent applied researches about vitamins and official methods to calculate the body mass index.

We review the main international functional trends: special spinach noodles, organic smoothies and tea, teff-based foods, ayurvedic soaps with turmeric, and turtle jelly with herbs and honey.

We also present natural remedies, cholesterol-lowering foods, anti-inflammatories and natural extracts, dietary supplements for the microbiotic balance and, thanks to recent research, we will explain how to better hydrate and which foods prevent diabetes.

In addition to a healthy workout (with our advices), cultivate good mood (also) at the table with our recipes: Condensed milk macaron, raw cocoa and mango muffin, 100% vegetable chocolate brownie.



Funghi, a new conquest of cosmetics.

Health & Wellness
Soy, risks or benefits?

Nutrition & Fitness
Astaxanthin, the cutting edge of carotenoids.

Celiacs and functional foods.


You can find all the innovative food trends at

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