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The February issue of “Tecnica Molitoria” is now available

The new issue of “Tecnica Molitoria” is now available with a scientific article on the Zymomonas mobilis as a possible alternative to Saccharomyces cerevisiae for the production of leavened doughs.

Among the news in the departments: European Congress on sorghum: a cereal to bet on - Trends in the rice fields in Italy and the EU - Replication of rice plants through clonal seeds - Evaluation of mycotoxin contamination of buckwheat - Supersalutistic rice - Summaries of international research on pasta, bread and feed - Plants for bakery - Sterilization of pulsed light foods - New analog and digital load cell - Packaging for delicate snacks - Near-infrared hyperspectral imaging - Determination of acrylamide in foods - Detection of mircoorganisms in food and on surfaces - An Italian on the Stock Exchange - A good year for packaging machines - Molino Rossetto launches flours in brik - Ferrari new vice president of Federalimentare - Label management based on public cloud - Assofertilizzanti in Bari for the 30th plant medicine forum - Regulatory updates - Agenda of events, etc. 

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