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What happens when experience uses nature to create? Leben Ingredients is born

Leben Ingredients is born from a ten-year collaboration with the historic German company Emsland Group, a leader in the processing industry based on raw materials from vegetables, such as potatoes and peas: a background of reliability and experience to which we added our touch of Italianness. 

Since 1928 Emsland Group has been developing solutions, according to the philosophy “using nature to create”, that are used worldwide: more than 100 products created for the "business to business" and "business to consumer" food sectors, with several technical applications. The innovations of the international company, in a natural way, improve the consistency and density of many products used in the food market, as well as in the areas of adhesives, flocking agents, construction additives, textile, filter materials and high-quality animal feed for domestic and farm animals.

What are the key activities of Leben Ingredients? Support, product development and creation of “tailor-made” mixtures that improve production processes and optimize their costs, always aiming to give added value to the final product in different sectors: food, feed pet food, technical. We select partners of primary importance on the international market, guaranteeing a high quality offer: starches and derivatives, dehydrated potatoes, legume flours, vegetables fibres, dehydrated fruits, honey, functional blends, dehydrated potatoes, vegetable proteins and purees, sugar and syrup, dehydrated vegetables. We provide valid certificates and documents, as required by current law and by our costumers’ request, such as: Halal, Gluten Free, FSSC 20000, IFS, Kosher, RSPO, GMP+ and Allergen Free.

Our customized solutions are the result of the union of quality, love for the environment, attention to the future, reliability and innovation: these are the ingredients of life, this is the formula of Leben Ingredients.


Leben Ingredients Srl
Via G. Verdi, 17 - 20019 Settimo Milanese (MI)
Tel. +39 02 45391430
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