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The June issue of “Tecnica Molitoria” is now available

The new issue of “Tecnica Molitoria” is now available with a scientific article on the technological and nutritional properties of einkorn wheat macaroni.

Food contamination from furans, residues of mineral oils and microplastics - Natural stop for cereal pest - Recovery of red rice pigmentation - GM wheat against weeds - Summaries of international research on pasta and feed - Tradition and innovation at the Michele Portoghese pasta factory - An history of innovation and internationalization - Italian goodness - Innovative pasta for a complete meal - Organic and non-fried snacks - Analysis of food contamination in real time - New breeding technologies for food safety - Legislative updates on feed, silage additives and maximum residue levels - Concrete strategies to improve the sustainability of the food system - Crea in the field with Diverfarming - The community to invest in the Italian food industry - Molino Rossetto between brik flour and sustainability - A story 90 years old and over - Success for the second edition of "Molini a porte aperte" - Agenda of events, etc. 

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