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The summer issue of “Ingredienti Alimentari” is now available

After the usual analysis by the expert in food legislation, in this issue you can find an interesting scientific feature about the bacteria’s classification and characterization, from classical microbiology to the genomic sequencing techniques, in order to establish the presence and the amount of specific microbial populations or microorganism.

In the food sector, there is an ethical aspect of the actions to produce foods; we started from the food and design etymology to understand how create a series of ethical principles to follow when preparing a food. And there is a professional ethic in the kitchen, too. In this case, chef Di Lorenzi explains the correct conduct to adopt during work.

We publish the first part of the report of Vitafoods in Geneva and a complete review of the most interesting national and international product innovations, including new health ingredients, enzymatic formulations and functional improvers, gourmet sauces, gluten-free hummus, snacks and vegan chocolate bars, jams with champagne, protein muffins…

The Nutrition section features the new vertical farming made in Italy, the food systems of the future, and a more sustainable agri-food sector.

Finally, we present the latest applied researches, new laws, marketing surveys, news from the world, and the upcoming events in the agenda.

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