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The new issue of “Ingredienti Alimentari” is now available

In addition to the latest changes and new specifications, the expert in law explains in this issue the “mystery” (as we titled it) of the asterisks in the menu, reporting some interpretations. Concerning the food safety, we publish a study on food imports and exports in the Chinese food safety system. And we explain what is suitable food, the main purpose of the food design. Finally, chef Marco Di Lorenzi illustrates roles and skills of the new global chef.

In collaboration with Mintel, we present the international product innovations, such as frozen yogurt, toasted crispy tapioca, organic sweets and chocolate, vegan drinks ...

We publish the reports of Vitafoods in Geneva and IFFA in Frankfurt, with focus on new algae, extracts, vegan supplements, amino acids, aromatic solutions, and functional ingredients for the meat sector, respectively. 

Finally, we present the scientific results in the field of natural food and macronutrients, products and services (sugars, natural nutrients, gluten-free and kosher products, clean label ingredients, hydrolysed proteins, healthy snacks), marketing surveys, news from the world, and new books featuring nutrition.

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