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The latest issue of "Tecnica Molitoria" is now available

It is not easy to tell and comment on today in a monthly magazine like "Tecnica Molitoria“, in which what is printed becomes yesterday in tomorrow. But, faced with the current emergency health situation, we feel compelled to contribute to transmitting a strong message of positivity, of optimism, because it is crucial to make everyone live and work in Italy, without closing in on itself, the victim of fears that are stopping our economic system.

In this issue we publish a study of the different drying methods for the preparation and preservation of cassava flour.

We present what emerged during the 10th International Forum on Food and Nutrition, organized by the Barilla Foundation: sustainable development, holistic approach, new technologies, and digitalization.

We review interesting international cereals and feed researches: new gene for rust resistance of the wheat stem has been discovered, hereditary patterns of transgenes CRISPR-Cas9 have been treaced, and new formulations of gluten-free fresh pasta rich in fiber and low salt bread have been developed.

We publish the reports dedicated to the De Matteis Agroalimentare and Vega. We feature the cyber threat as the main risk perceived by companies, the specification to ensure the origin of recent Italian cereals, trends of the European biotech and organic agriculture, and the legislative updates on feed.

Finally, you can find the news from the world and the upcoming appointments in agenda.

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