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Sala riunioni vuota mentre in Italia si lavora in smart working.

Alimeco is a young company producing food ingredients, with offices in Bergamo and production facilities in Cremona, both in Lombardy, Italy. We talked about them last month when we introduced to you their new Clean Label Line of products for cured and fresh meats. Today in difficult moments like these, when it would be easy and justified to slow things down and wait to see what is going it happen, they are again on our desk for young businesses such as Alimeco can teach us something on how to transform harsh times into opportunities for change and improvement. 

“We are living in times for which nothing, not education nor experience can prepare you.” Reads the email Luca De Bellis, Marketing Manager at Alimeco, sent us last week. In the email Luca, who maybe was trying to fight the negativity caused by a storm of news that at times can feel like a chronicle of war, tells us how moments like these gave him and Alimeco the opportunity to reflect on one’s own strengths and weaknesses, thus paving the way for growth after the storm. We share here a portion of the email. 

“[...] First I was surprised to find out how easily our job, aside from production, can follow us everywhere and anywhere. Technology, at least, is on our side. What really surprised me however was how a simple video call with colleagues, one that you do to coordinate work and maybe lift the team morale, can transform itself into a quality brainstorming session and lead to real projects for the future. One simple video call, just like the ones all companies do daily, was so successful in passing on to others a sense of team and positivity that we started offering ideas and build more on each others’. It felt so natural that in the following days, all of us kept sharing and brainstorming, turning these ideas into projects with a shape and a direction. This video call was so significant for me because it showed me how sometimes all it takes for a team to build momentum and take initiative is a spark positivity. I felt we were on this together as we all asked 

ourselves ‘what do we need to do to leave this moment of uncertainty, stronger?’ And just like that, in the midst of a national crisis (and probably larger than that) where everything has stopped and the world has slowed down, we decided to develop a whole new line of products: a whole new project to undertake. [...] We needed to believe, and kept repeating to ourselves that yes, everything will be ok, really. Maybe what I am trying to say is that in difficult moments where everything changes so fast, taking a moment to stop and share our concerns with others, to be open about our fears, can really give new energy to the team. Today we are already working on the details of the new project, which consists of ingredients for falafel and kebab destined to international markets. [...] 

Luca wrote us the email in a moment of euphoria, following a video call that was capable of transmitting a sense of promise and positivity, and maybe for him it was easier in that moment to share with us an encouraging message. Yet the message can help us gather bits and pieces of a positivity that these days can feel difficult to hold together. In moments like the one we are living, where we are all uncertain about the future and what lays ahead, we want to share with you Alimeco’s message: everything will be ok, really.

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