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"Alimenti Funzionali" of March is now available

It is not easy to comment on today in a quarterly magazine like “Alimenti Funzionali” in which what is printed becomes yesterday in tomorrow. While reluctant to get into a noisy and in some cases out of tune chorus, we feel obliged to contribute to transmitting a strong message of positivity, of optimism, because it is crucial to make everyone live and work, without closing ourselves in fear, stopping our economic system.

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In the new issue of “Alimenti Funzionali”, concerning to specific situations, the expert in law explains what the regulation imposes for the digital advertising, such as endorsement, videos, invitations, user generated content, in-feed units, paid search units, recommendation widgets, app advertising, and advergames.

We present the new international functional products: gluten-free cereals with probiotics, flours with folic acid, noodles for diabetics, detox infusions and chips with vitamin C, vitamin-based drinks with bacterial cultures, kosher energy bars ...

We feature the ancient grains, whose high biodiversity and high content in vitamins and minerals, makes them a healthy product; the expert explains virtues and prebiotic effects. And we review supplements, vitamins and new functional foods, in accordance with the recent scientific research in nutrition and wellness.

Chef Luca Andrè presents the recipe 100% VEG canafè and crunchy cream with almond flour; Blu Pantone is the bread prepared by Matteo Cunsolo with herbal tea from dried Butterfly Pea flowers.

Finally, new interesting limitless contaminations: the gelato with fresh raspberries, Pink Lady apple, lime juice and mint leaves, creamed with Mediterranean Kombucha, created by the fermentation of rosemary, by Roberto Leoni; sustainable gelato by Salt & Straw that is prepared using supermarket waste; kit for photobioreactors to produce Spirulina and Chlorella; special healthy tiramisu with spirulina and lactose-free.



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Molino Favero: the future with an ancient flavor


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