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The May issue of “Tecnica Molitoria” is now available

Also this month, you can download "Tecnica Molitoria" for free.

In the May issue you can find a scientific article on the sourdough fermentation of sprouted flours to produce bread with high nutritional and functional properties.

We present the data emerging from USDA research on world markets and grain trade and the analysis prepared by Anacer on the import/export of cereals in Italy in 2019.

The summaries of international research on cereals, pasta, bread and feed are inevitable: a gene has been discovered that improves the yield and efficiency of the use of fertilizers in rice, the physical-chemical properties of the white flour produced by different roasted grains and some researchers have evaluated the influence of microencapsulated Spirulina on the technological and sensorial properties of the pasta and the effects of the storage of legume flours on bread.

Following machines, legislative updates, news and upcoming events.

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