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The latest issue of “Industrie delle Bevande” is now available

In the Italian beverage scene and national economy, the beer plays an increasingly important role; in fact, the brewing sector recorded in 2019 production, export and internal consumption at an all-time high. In the latest issue of “Industrie delle Bevande”, we publish the annual AssoBirra report, highlighting an increasingly sustainable investment and the joint action of the system to face the post-pandemic challenges and not to disperse the heritage built up over the years.

Thinking about sustainability and needs of modern society has led to a shared commitment both in the beer sector, which exceeded the objectives of reducing water and energy in the period 2010-2019, and in the packaging sector, which sees in the new Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation an instrument of system culture based on safety, education, and responsibility. With reference to packaging, our expert explains how to manage allocation in the LCA analysis of packaging used in the beverage sector.

We publish the wine making focus: how to determine the ideal moment for harvesting with the “Destination quality” handbook, by Chiriotti Editori (The book is in Italian, English and Spanish) and we fill you in on new VDMA guidelines for aseptic and hygienic filling.

We review machines and equipment, including solutions for product diversification and format changes and digital innovations, analysis tools, containers and caps, products, the recent applied researches and market surveys, news from the world, upcoming events in agenda, and new books.

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