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The latest issue of “Alimenti Funzionali” is now available

In this issue we explain what enzymes are and how they work, their applications for the food sector and the most topical aspects. Among the main food trends of the moment, there are also the fermented foods; in collaboration with our expert we discover which are the most common in our gastronomic culture, their advantages and therefore the role on health, because in the modern organization of meals there is an abuse of refined foods without fibers and it is necessary to rethink food strategies to protect the microbiota

We publish a column dedicated to the Italian artisanal gelato, increasingly recognized as a functional, delicious, and “useful” food. A concept well developed and illustrated in the book “Il gelato che cercavi”, by Martino Liuzzi, for Chiriotti Editori. We present the recipes of the Madonie soft wheat granita and the “functional” Mediterranean gelato with pistachio, orange, and lemon cubes.

We review the latest international product innovations in the functional segment, scientific researches and new products in terms of beauty, weight management, health and wellness, nutrition and fitness.

In evidence, the reportage at the Ruggeri company, manufacturer and distributor of clean label blends and adjuvants for professional bakery, and the features dedicated to adaptogens (stress vitamins) and sport, and functional ingredients for celiacs.

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