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The latest issue of "Ingredienti Alimentari" is now available

In this issue you will find specials by our experts in law and food safety. We publish the Fie Europe 2021 report with the latest sensory and technological innovations in the health and sustainability sector, featuring organic fibers, functional proteins, phenolic compounds and natural extracts, and multifunctional flavors.

In collaboration with Mintel, we present the most interesting international new products, and with the Accredia Test Laboratories Department we present a study on allergens and evidences for our health.

News are arriving from the companies for food supply and safety, also concerning ingredients market and digital technologies, semi-finished products from cereals for vegan products, and laboratory production.

Researchers confirm the pea proteins nutritional quality, they work on the collagen extraction from chicken waste, study the combined use of alternative flours for muffins, analyze the thermosonication benefits in beverage processing and the impact of coarse wheat farina (with intact endosperm cells) on bread characteristics and starch digestibility.

As usual, we review new laws, marketing reports, news from the world, new book and the upcoming events in agenda.

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