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Tecno Pack Group acquires Euroimpianti S.p.A. - Skilled Group


Tecno Pack Group is glad to announce the acquisition of Euroimpianti SpA - Skilled Group, a company based in Schio (VI). The company is specialized for 50 years in the design and manufacture of palletizing systems and pallet handling, as well as the Automatic Guidance Vehicles and (AGV) and Laser Guidance Vehicles (LGV). 

Such a strategic acquisition enforces the position of Tecno Pack Group as a manufacturer of packaging machines and most of all turnkey packaging solutions in the food (and non-food as well) sector, starting from naked product management up to truck load. The whole Group can know count on the skills and professionality of roughly 400 people, ready to answer all market needs. 

The acquisition of Euroimpianti SpA allows important industrial synergies, and boosters the international networking capacity of the whole Group, also thanks to the presence of Skilled Group North America Inc. 

Thanks to the acquisition Euroimpianti SpA will immediately receive fresh technical and commercial resources, keeping at the same time his own management which is working hard daily in its facility, located in Via Lago di Vico n.80, Schio. The whole staff of Euroimpianti will be confirmed and reinforced. 

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