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Environment & Wine: Vinventions and Eataly together for circular economy

Did you know that your wine closures tomorrow could be used to produce an ice basket to keep at the right temperature your “bubbles” or a strap for the anti-virus mask?
This is the circular economy, even in wine. With this aim, many bins dedicated to collect the wine closures have been installed in Eataly stores, thanks to an agreement with the giant manufacturer of the wine closures Vinventions and its Belgian partner Innologic, company specialized in recycling, that transforms the closures collected in raw materials ready to be used in the creation of new products.

Thanks to this agreement, inside the Eataly’s stores now there are collecting bins for the wine closures of the Green Line of Nomacorc, the flagship brand of Vinventions, the first line of wine closures “Zero Carbon footprint” in the world. Nomacorc Green Line represents a new "category" of wine closures called PlantCorc™ obtained from sustainable and renewable raw materials derived from sugar cane.
The creation of an efficient and effective product recovery chain is fundamental and the new collaboration represents a new element in the sustainability path undertaken by Vinventions not only at product level, the Green Line is the most striking example, but also of production process.

“Our research work - explains Vinventions’ Commercial Director for Italy, Filippo Peroni - moves on two tracks: on the one hand we work on the performance of closures to ensure the integrity of the wine, from the other we base the entire production process on sustainability, which means reduced environmental impact, waste limitation, optimization of the production chain and reuse of the product. The circular economy for us and our clients is a daily practice.

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