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World Food Day, wine: sustainable sugar cane for zero impact caps


Vinventions focuses on the integral circular economy for the best wines in the world


“Cultivating, feeding, preserving. Together ". This is the theme of the World Food Day 2020 and Vinventions actively participates in the celebrations, making wine production more sustainable.

Starting from the raw material used for the production of the first line of closures in the world with zero carbon dioxide emissions made with biopolymers, the Nomacorc Green Line. The closures are derived from sugar cane grown in Brazil in an ethical and responsible way. Braskem, Vinventions partner for raw material, has developed a Code of Ethics for sugar cane growers. They must comply with several fundamental commitments in terms of good operating practices such as respect for biodiversity, good environmental practices, respect for human and labor rights, and the availability of information on product life cycle analysis. This code of ethics was developed in collaboration with Proforest, an internationally recognized company specializing in sustainable management systems for natural resources.

“Our supplier Braskem - declares Antonino La Placa, Vinventions new Italian sales director - guarantees that the sugar cane is grown in infertile soils to be used for other food crops. The cultivation of sugar cane and the return to the land of the residues of previous crops by plowing favors its rehabilitation. For this reason, sugar cane producers move crops from one plot to another in order to regenerate impoverished agricultural land. Our Green line closures help the regeneration of the Planet at 360 degrees as we use very little water in the production and we ensure that the wines have no defects to avoid food waste. All the characteristics of our corks are designed for the quality of the wine and to avoid waste: zero TCA, constant and controlled oxygen input, bottling reliability for the quality of the wine as a whole. Over the past 15 years, we have prevented more than 300 million bottles of wine from being wasted due to cork defects thanks to the consistent performance of our closures. We are proud to be able to show our achievements on World Food Day”.


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