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The Foundation takes its name from the Ethical Packaging Charter, a document drawn up in 2015 by the Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano, wanted and promoted by Edizioni Dativo - ItaliaImballaggio, and sponsored by the Italian Packaging Institute.


The Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation, barely a year after its birth, has put in place numerous projects starting with its patronage at the Best Packaging 2021 contest.

Organized by Packaging Meeting and promoted by the Italian Packaging Institute, this year's edition will be dedicated to enhancing the solutions that have stood out for being inspired by the 10 principles of the Ethical Packaging Charter: 01. Responsible, 02. Balanced, 03. Safe, 04. Accessible, 05. Transparent, 06. Informative, 07. Up-to-date, 08. Forward-looking, 09. Educative, 10. Sustainable.

“It will be exciting to reward innovative solutions inspired by the values ​​that constitutes the heart of our Foundation”, declares the President, Anna Paola Cavanna.

The principles set out in the PACKAGING ETHICAL CHARTER, today show all their strength and are the starting point for large-scale projects:
- The "Become Ambassador of the Ethical Packaging Charter" campaign aims at creating a network of companies that make the principles of the Charter their own. Registration requests are already open;
- University projects for the development of highly qualified skills and valuable professional figures. Advanced Training Course in Packaging Management is the first and only of its kind, it started last March in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics of La Sapienza University of Rome;
- The publication "The Foundation's Algorithm" dossier: a valuable scientific tool for measuring the CO2 parameter to support sustainable innovation;
- The production and publication of works and informative material in order to stimulate a renewed planning of packaging.

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