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S3D-VECT: Software for automatic measurements and dimensioning on neck and threading of bottles


The company SCANNY3D S.r.l., with twenty years of experience in the design and production of 3D scanning systems for the bottling / packaging sector, presents a new software module, called S3D-VECT, supplied as a plug-in to the management software of the 3D SCANNER, and aimed at quality control on glass bottles or plastic bottles.

This software plug-in allows for automatic measurement and dimensioning on the bottle profiles, for example in the neck area and in the thread part of the cap.

In particular, this software module allows to perform an automatic analysis of the 3D model (obtained from the rotary 3D laser scanner) in order to find the geometric characteristics and automatically calculate many parameters, concerning the upper part of a glass or plastic bottle (such as, e.g., the thread pitch, the radius of the vertical sections of the thread, the inclination of the neck, etc.)

Among the main functions of the software is the automatic creation of vertical sections (cutting planes) that can be analyzed, and for each section the software calculates all the geometric parameters (radii, arcs, straight lines, angles, screw pitch, etc.) in order to compare these sections with the respective ones of the theoretical (or reference) 3D model.


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With this software plug-in the operator is capable to carry out a quality control on a set of real bottles with respect to a theoretical 3D model of the bottle, or with respect to a real reference bottle (digitalized with the 3D scanner).

Other interesting functions of this software module concern the search for the minimum diameter of the neck, the ovality of the bottle at a chosen height, and the search for deformations of the glass near the neck.

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