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Packaging! Art and protection technology that enhances your product

Food & beverage producers can effectively and quickly respond to changes imposed by new market trends and opt for a SMI Group combined packer from LCM ERGON range, that includes, in a single machine, the functions of a wrap-around case packer, a tray former and a shrink wrapper.

This complete and fully automated secondary packaging system, in fact, allows you to pack a variety of containers in a wide range of final packaging solutions without having to invest in different packaging machines.

The LCM ERGON series includes automatic machines for the packaging of plastic, metal, cardboard or glass containers in different types of packs: cardboard cases, pad + film, cardboard tray + film and cardboard tray without film. 

For example, in the following video you can see the packaging system of 200 ml juice briks in 3x8 format of a partially open wrap-around case, that is subsequently turned by a special pack turning device and wrapped in shrink film by the shrink wrapping module.



All models of the LCM ERGON series are designed to ensure maximum flexibility and versatility in order to achieve, with a single system, high quality packaging at the maximum production output of 40 packs/minute.
When the processing program is set to pack in tray only or wrap-around cases, the machine control system automatically deactivates the shrink tunnel and the film-wrapping system.

Quick production changes
The LCM ERGON range is particularly suitable for packaging systems that frequently switch from one product to another or from one format to another, and can easily adapt to future production requirements dictated by marketing strategies of food & beverage producers.

If you want to find out further advantages of SMI packaging machines, we invite you to contact our sales department.

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