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Compactness and sustainability at Anuga FoodTec


Compact and efficient end of line for the food industry


At Anuga FoodTec 2022, SMI exhibited an extremely compact, efficient and environmentally sustainable end-of-line system, composed of anASW 30 T ERGON shrink wrapper with single-lane infeed and 90° product entry and of the APS 615 ERGON semi-automatic palletizer.

The solutions showcased at Anuga FoodTec pack metal containers of tomato soup in 4x3 format in tray+100 % recycled film, that are then palletized by the new “mini-pal” at the speed of 15 packs/minute.

This system has been designed for those food manufacturers who do not require high speeds, have a reduced-size plant and a limited budget, but at the same time do not want to give up the advantages offered by Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT)- compliant advanced technologies.





The ASW ERGON range is the ideal solution for packing a wide range of containers with a cylindrical, oval or square/rectangular base.
Thanks to the single-lane infeed conveyor, a divider for channeling the product at the infeed is not required.
The machine occupies very little space and easily adapts to the logistic conditions of any line layout.

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Ergonomics and safety

The single-lane infeed facilitates the correct channeling of loose containers on the conveyor belt.
Thanks to the rotary feeding device, the containers are moved from the single-lane conveyor to the multi-lane conveyor at the machine infeed.
The pack formation is characterized by a double belt system, that, by means of an electronic cam, separates the products according to the format to be processed.
The cardboard magazine (for P and T models), located in an easily accessible position for the operator, ensures an ergonomic, easy, fast and safe loading.


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Flexibility and sustainability

Format changeover is easy and fast, as the adjustment of the guides of the different rows is not required.
The film reel unwinding is controlled by a progressive brake, which ensures optimal film tensioning.
The film splicing at the end of the reel is performed by a manual sealing bar and the cutting unit is equipped with a blade controlled by a direct-drive brushless motor, that ensures a precise cut and simplifies the maintenance.
The model showcased at the trade fair uses a100% recycled film with a 60 micron thickness, an environmentally sustainable solution for a high-quality pack.



Compact and ergonomic structure

The APS 615 ERGON semi-automatic palletizer is composed of a central structure in which the three Cartesian axis system, performing the pallet formation, is positioned:
- compact structure that ensures a significant space saving inside the production line
- the operator easily and safely performs all activities of installation, management and maintenance of the plant


SMI 22 05 4


Easy flexibility and maintenance

The gripping head is equipped with a motor for the product rotation and for placing the pack on the layer in the position required by the palletizing pattern. This allows:
-great operational flexibility
-wide possibilities of customization, in order to adapt to the needs of format changeover, product changeover and/or plant layout.
The electric panel is a separate module that is not unwired during the transport and can be immediately installed at the customer's premises.


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If you want to discover other advantages of SMI packaging solutions, we invite you to contact our sales department.

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