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L’assegnazione del Premio in memoria di Giovanni Chiriotti al gruppo di S. Carrella et al.

Chiriotti Editori and the magazine Tecnica Molitoria continue the collaboration with Aistec, the Italian Association of Cereal Science and Technology: in occasion of the 9th Aistec conference they have been rewarded three among the numerous posters presented during the conference days.

This year the Chiriotti Editori Award has been dedicated to the best posters, thus boosting the applied research and giving recognition to the work of study groups.

The recognitions have been three:

- one to the best work presented by young researchers about one of the conference themes;

- two in memory of Giovanni Chiriotti, co-founder of Tecnica Molitoria and Chiriotti Editori, and dedicated to posters on innovative technologies for the sector of cereal processing.

On delivery of cash contribution, the Aistec has announced the award and instituted the examining board in which there were two well-known researchers, Dr Achille Ghidoni and  Prof. Alessandro Bozzini. Among the criteria considered for the evaluation of works, innovation and transferability to food industry production have been particularly important.

According to evaluations, the following awards have been assigned.


Chiriotti Editori Award for the best poster by Young Researchers to Giorgio Tumino, Caterina Morcia, Fulvia Rizza, Franz Badeck, Paolo Laino, Marcello Baravelli, Aykut Guleren, A. Michele Stanca and Valeria Terzi for the paper “Development model of a short chain for the production of high-quality cereal foods: the ALIQUAL project”.


Chiriotti Editori Award in memory of Giovanni Chiriotti to Manuela Mariotti, M. Ambrogina Pagani and Mara Lucisano for the paper “Improvement of bread-making characteristics of commercial mixtures for the production of gluten free bread: the effect of buckwheat and HPMC addition”.


Chiriotti Editori Award in memory of Giovanni Chiriotti to Simona Carrella, Maria Mazza, Chiara D’Ambrosio, Andrea Scaloni, Giovanni Candiano, Ilaria Baldassari, Laura Gazza and Norberto Pogna for the paper “Einkorn wheat and coeliac disease: electrophoretic, spectrometric and molecular analyses of ω-gliadins with potential anti-inflammatory activity”.

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